Hemophilia Joint Health Score Toolkit



Hemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS) Website Registration

I am requesting access to the HJHS materials (toolkit) for the following purposes:


  • For use in a (PT or other HCP) training workshop
  • To teach the HJHS in my own clinical setting
  • To teach the HJHS as part of a national or international workshop
  • To include portions of the HJHS in a presentation (in person, by WebEx…) to HCPs
  • Self directed learning on the HJHS

Clinical Practice

  • For regular use in own clinical setting as part of regular MSK patient evaluation

Research – Investigator Initiated

  • For use in clinical research (e.g. cohort studies comparing treatment regimens, outcome measures…)
  • For use in clinically focused systematic reviews

Research Industry initiated

  • For use in systematic reviews relating to Industry trials
  • For use as an outcome measure in industry trials
  • For use in training relating to industry trials (Investigator meetings, site initiation visits…)