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Dr. Sylvia Thomas

Dr. Thomas had received her medical degree from the Centro de Esino Superior in Valenca, Brazil. She completed her specialization in Clinical Hematology at the Federal University Fluminese in Niteroi, Brazil in 2001. Later, she completed her Masters in Clinical Medicine and fulfilled a Doctorate in Medical Radiology in 2013. Dr. Thomas has over 30 years of experience working with persons with bleeding disorders and has developed a program in which radiosynoviorthesis, provided for patients throughout Brazil. Herself and her team performed up to 1,500 radiosynoviorthesis procedures in hemophilic joints, in both adults and children. She utilizes the HJHS along with many other hemophilia-specific clinic and radiologic tools to assess joint health in her patients with hemophilia.

Key Publications

CV: (Curriculum Vitae):

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